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A portrait of Arun from Canada

Danish job interviews seen though expat eyes

Can you call an employer before you send out an application? Are Danish job interviews different from those of other countries? Arun from Canada shares his valuable tips.

Hi, this is Arun Suryanarayanan from Canada. I have recently moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a Master in Industrial Engineering and extensive experience as a Project Manager. I have worked with customers and suppliers across Canada, USA, Mexico, China and Germany.

So far, I have attended a few interviews with Danish companies and they are unique in their own way.

As part of the job search, I found it very beneficial to get in touch with the point of contact on the job ad by phone to understand what challenges and expectations this role entails. I also wanted to set up a coffee meeting, which I find very valuable. This helps getting to know the company better and also enables you to customize your CV and letter of motivation to the specific position.

The job interview happens in a casual setting with very open and direct conversations, unlike in the US or Canada. The hiring managers are friendly and take the time to discuss my recent move and understand my experience from abroad. There is also a good amount of focus on family and spousal situations to ensure that family well-being is considered.

One of the key points at the interview is to address the elephant in the room. Being open, upfront, friendly and to the point should take anyone through a Danish interview. I also really appreciate the fact that Danes always make an effort to speak in English and encourage my effort of trying to converse in basic Danish as I work through the language development process.

Last, but not least, I would highly recommend any newcomer to Denmark to check the Workindenmark website regularly, subscribe to their newsletter and attend their job workshop. This is certainly a must to speed up the job search process. The staff at Workindenmark are a wealth of knowledge and you will have access to most accurate, relevant and up to date information at their office. 



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