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EU financial supports for moving to work in Europe

Targeted Mobility Scheme/Your first Eures job is an EU initiative for jobseekers from EU, Norway and Iceland. TMS/YfEj may offer financial support in relation to job interviews in and relocation to other EU member states.

If you are invited to a job interview in Denmark or if you plan to relocate to Denmark, because you have been offered a job, we are ready to help.

To be eligible for TMS/YfEj support you must be:

  • a citizen of an EU country, Norway or Iceland
  • resident in an EU country, Norway or Iceland and applying for a job in another EU country or Norway or Iceland

TMS/YfEj offers:

  • job interview allowance to cover the cost of travelling for an interview to another country (€100-350 according to distance)
  • relocation allowance (support to get settled in the new country of work; this is a flat rate according to country of destination)
  • extra family support if you bring your family (the support is €350/spouse/child up to max. €1000/family)

Futher information on TMS/YfEJ 

What to observe

We have asked a Workindenmark consultant, Louise Bach-Nielsen, responsible for processing applications, to share her tips and experience with the mobility scheme:


If you plan to attend a job interview or plan to relocate to Denmark, please be aware that we operate with two age groups.

If you are age 18-35, Jobcenter Copenhagen will process your application. I advise you contact the Eures advisers in Copenhagen directly.

For further information, help and contact regarding YfEj (new website) 

If you are age 35+ I will be your contact person, and I will guide you through the application procedure on e-mail.

Contact Workindenmark regarding TMS by email

If you wish, you may include the relevant and completed application form.

Download the application forms for TMS


It is essential that I receive your application form, before you leave your country of residence. Your e-mail is used as documentation, that I received your application on time. 


The first page of the application form contains a checklist of documents to be included. Your application cannot be processed, until I have all the listed documents. However, if you have limited time before you leave, it is OK to send the application form only. Other documents can be sent shortly after as per agreement.

No Double Payment

If the employer offers to pay for your transport or your relocation expenses, you cannot receive support from TMS/YfEj. This I must check with the employer, before I start processing the application.

I hope that this has peaked your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

This article was first published in Workindenmark's newsletters for job seekers.

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