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Interview with General Practicioner Hans Eguia from Spain

  1. Why did you choose Denmark as your career destination?
    It was easy after checking other possibilities, I was in Germany, England and Spain; everywhere the chances were more or less the same. In Denmark, they offered me something extra which help me decide: the family time and the care/education for our just born children.

  2. How did you find your current job?
    I read an offer in a website, I am not completely sure if it was in EURES or the Spanish medical council but what I am sure is that it was from

  3. Was it difficult or easy to land a job in Denmark?
    Fortunately, it was quite easy, due to the GP deficit in Denmark. The region of Southern Denmark helped me a lot also.

  4. What was the most surprising in the job search in Denmark?
    Many things surprised me positively, for example: the help of the patients showing me with their fingers that it was the throat that it was hurting. The experienced nurses, they are very skilled and can manage a patient with pneumonia, hypertension, diabetes; and lastly that the patients were not upset when I was not prescribing antibiotics.

  5. What is the biggest difference you have experienced by working in Denmark?
    The rational use of medicaments, the regular work which allows to prepare a schedule or study something without problems, the number of patients per day comparing to Spain.

  6. What do you think was the factor that has given you a success in landing on a job in Denmark?
    The language and medical ambient preparation given by the region, learning Danish in a hospital with teachers accustomed to doctors and other teachers that also are nurses was a great plus.

  7. What are your tips to your fellow job searchers?
    I have already some friends interested in working here, but most of them say the same: “we are worried/afraid of moving/relocating out of our country”. It is quite obvious that we would be a little bit afraid, but the environment will help you. Everybody is very friendly, your job environment will help you also, you will have the opportunity to fit in your new place with enough family time to let you be calmer. Obviously learning Danish is a plus, it is great to interact with other people and make new friends.

  8. Where and how did you meet your circle of friends?
    First in my Danish language course, then in my clinic (job area), in courses meeting other professionals of my area and now parents of our children and neighbours because we finally moved to our dream house.