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Tips for your job search from our recruitment consultant

Meet Mette Busk, one of the recruitment consultants from Workindenmark. Mette will share how she searches for relevant candidates in our CV database on our website, and she will offer essential tips, which you might find useful if or when you post your CV online.

Q: Why is it a good idea to post your CV on

M.B: Workindenmark’s mission is to assist Danish companies in recruiting highly qualified foreign candidates in sectors where Danish companies face skills shortages. We assist a high number of companies in finding suitable candidates. The companies range from large international companies to SME’s and startups. We do so by searching for candidates in our CV bank, and more than 3600 companies use our CV bank. This is why I recommend that you post your CV to become visible to Workindenmark recruitment consultants and Danish companies

Q: What happens after I post a CV?

M.B: We search for matching candidate profiles on a daily basis, and always in relation to specific job advertisements. Depending on our agreements with the companies, we either present matching CVs directly to the company or we send candidates in the CV bank an e-mail with links to positions, which we believe is a good match. In case we would like to present your CV to a company, we will contact you by e-mail before we do so.

Q: What are your tips to CV holders?

M.B: Here are my five tips for you who would like to get a job in Denmark

  1. Please contact us quickly when we send you an e-mail in which we ask you, if you would like to have your CV presented to a company.
  2. Work experience: When you mention your work experience, it is a great help if you add a line about the company you worked for. We do often look for candidates with specific sectoral knowledge. Also make sure you describe your work experience in detail. Think in:  what did you do? , how did you do it?,  and why did you do it? You can find a lot of good information and help on, including Workindenmark's e-learning on job search in Denmark: "Make It Work In Denmark"
  3.  Photo: We do like to see a nice professional photo in your CV. Surveys show that profiles with a photo are watched six times more than profiles without one.
  4. Summary: In relation to the summary, we do often experience that candidates paste the whole CV into this short section. Remember that a summary is just a short introduction to you and your competences. It is also an extra plus if you can mention your motivation for working in Denmark
  5. Please inactivate your CV when you are no longer available for matching.

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