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Workindenmark's Recruitment Consultant Sofie Ejdesgaard

Why create a CV online?

What is the purpose of creating an online CV? Who will actually read it?

“Why do you need me to create a CV on your website? Can’t you just use the one that I have sent to your email”? Many job seekers contact Workindenmark because they want to find a dream job in Denmark. We ask job seekers to register their CV on our website for several reasons:

  1. One reason is so that we comply with the GDPR regulations.
  2. Another reason is that if you send your CV to one consultant, that one consultant might be able to match you to jobs. But if your CV is online, all the consultants are able to see your CV and match you to jobs.
  3. A third and very important reason is that Danish companies can find your CV because they have access to our CV database. Many recruiters spend their day searching for qualified candidates at different CV databases, including ours.

Recruitment Consultant Sofie Ejdesgaard explains how she uses the CV database:

Workindenmark's Recruitment Consultant Sofie Ejdesgaard explains: "In my daily work, I look through Workindenmark’s CV database in order to search out specific candidates for Danish companies. Right now, I am searching for a Senior Business Controller, and later on I will try to find a Software Engineer (Swift). When I find a candidate that matches the requirements of the job, I send an email to the candidate making him or her aware of the job. It is always great to hear back from candidates, I would like to know if they will apply for the job and if they are invited for job interviews"

Sofie continues: "My best advice for jobseekers is to use online CV databases wisely. Make sure that we can find you - register your CV on the websites that have jobs you are interested in. Make sure that your CV is updated and that it contains the information necessary for us to understand what type of job you are interested in. Please create a title or headline to your CV that explains your main skills and that reflect what we will find in your CV”.

What can you do?

Register your CV on Workindenmark's recruiters and recruiters from Danish companies use the CV database to find candidates for vacant jobs in Denmark.

Create your CV on Workindenmark's website

Make sure your CV is compatible with the Danish CV style. You can find a checklist on how to create an attractive searchable profile.

Workindenmark checklist on how to create an attractive searchable profile (new window)

Want to learn more?

Learn how to use Workindenmark's job databse.

Watch our video: How do I use Workindenmark’s job database?

Did you know that you can get great tips on how to contact Danish companies? Our e-learning course has a module on how to contact companies.

Access to Workindenmark's e-learning course.