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About cookies

Practically all websites use cookies. A cookie is a simple text file that is placed on your computer by the website’s server. The purpose is to make it possible to gather information about which pages and functions that are visited by your browser.

Some functions cannot be used without cookies. This applies to all functions that require the website to remember your previous choices.

A cookie does not collect personal data about you such as your name, address or if the computer is used by one or more persons. It also cannot spread computer viruses or other harmful programs.

How we use cookies

We use cookies to collect data about how is used. We do so to be able to improve the user experience on the website. We collect the following information:

  • Type of browser
  • Operating system
  • IP address
  • URL of the page you visit
  • When the page was visited
  • If you followed a link from another website to, the cookie will register where you came from
  • Screen resolution

You can say no thanks

You can say no to cookies if you want.

If you click on the link “No thanks to cookies” on your first visit to, no cookies are set for statistics. However, a cookie is set to remember that you do not want us to collect any data.

To completely avoid cookies, please disable cookies in your browser. Please be aware that if you disable cookies, you cannot use functions that require that the website remembers your choices.

If you later decide to revoke og reinstate your acceptance of cookies from, you may use the link below