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Give your new foreign employee a good start

Provide your foreign employee with as much help and assistance as possible. It will make the entire process a better experience for everyone involved.

Your new employee is probably keen to get started on the job. Therefore, you should offer as much help as possible before and when he or she arrives, especially in regards to taking care of formalities and paperwork.

Formalities and paperwork

Your foreign employee may need help with e.g. obtaining a Registration Certificate, registering for a Civil Registration number (CPR), acquiring a health insurance card, and registering with the Danish tax authorities. Do what you can to inform your employee and make sure you know what needs to be dealt with when your employee is moving to Denmark.

If your foreign employee needs a residence and work permit, in most cases you, as the employer, must also filling relevant sections of the application form.

Finding a place to live

Finding a place to live is not always easy, and as a native Dane, you can be of great help. Especially in the large cities of Denmark, finding a place to live can be a challenge. Therefore, you should offer your employee help and guidance - and use both your professional, and perhaps personal, network to assist your new employee in his/her search for a place to live.

Relocation partners

When your new employee is moving to Denmark, it can be a good idea to get help from a relocation partner. The services can include everything from handling paperwork, finding a place to live and moving, to finding schools and childcare for the accompanying family.

Childcare, schools and education

If your new employee is bringing children to Denmark, your experience and knowledge can most certainly make a difference. You can help with everything from how the Danish educational system is constructed, to which kinds of institutions and schools your employee can choose from, and all the way to when and where registrations need to be made. Make sure to share knowledge with your new employee.

Welcome to Denmark

This welcome guide from Workindenmark contains information for New Citizens about Danish Society as well as useful information which can make it easier for you to settle into professional and private life in Denmark.

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Need inspiration?

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