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Your new employee from abroad will be integrating not only to your company, but also to the Danish society. Here are some resources for you to make your new employee’s integration easier.

Danish working culture may seem very different from what your foreign employee is used to from home. The flat hierarchy, knowledge sharing and the generally informal tone of voice in the Danish workplace can be a surprise if he/she is used to things being done differently.


One of the keys to successful and fast integration is the Danish language. Even though most of your employees probably speak English, you should encourage your foreign employee to learn Danish. Language courses are free of charge and offered by a series of Danish language centres. If your employee is interested in learning Danish, you can recommend that he contacts a local municipal citizen service centre for further advice.

Well-being and integration of your employee's spouse/partner

Experience shows that the spouse/partner feels more settled in Denmark, if the spouse/partner has a job, is undergoing an education or carrying out volunteer work. These things can give your spouse/partner a sense of belonging to Denmark, as well as help them build his/her own local social networks.

Your future employees’ spouses/partners can improve their job opportunities in Denmark by using Workindenmark’s resources to find a job for international job seekers.

Get an overview of Workindenmark’s resources for job search that spouses/partners can take advantage of.

It is also possible for the spouse/partner to develop a network by becoming involved in volunteer work. Typically, these kinds of activities take place after working hours.

Social life and integration

Sometimes little things can make a great difference. Remember to encourage your new employee to accompany colleagues in the workplace for lunch and invite the employee to take part in social activities, such as summer and Christmas parties – or join the running club at work or an association outside work.

Need inspiration?

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