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How to write a job advert

A good job advert can make all the difference. Make sure you include all the information that will attract the best and most relevant candidates.

What you write in your job advert is important. The information you choose to share can be a decisive factor in your hunt for the best possible candidate.

Therefore, you should describe the job opening in as precise terms as possible and know that everything from the type of employment, work hours and salary, to help finding a place to live, matters to the job seekers.

Checklist for the job advert

Here is a simple checklist that may provide you with some inspiration in the process of producing a job advert.

  • Language: Job adverts in the Workindenmark job bank should be in English.
  • Job title: If possible, you should choose a job title that describes the tasks involved in the job.
  • Job description: Provide a thorough description of the job, including tasks and working methods.
  • Required qualifications: Give a thorough description of the qualifications you require for the position including experience, education, certificates, language and personal skills.
  • Salary and working conditions: Describe the working conditions. Address salary, working hours, duration of the position, workplace, etc.
  • Starting date: State the exact date on which you expect the applicant to start.
  • The company: Provide information about your company. Your name, mis-sion and vision, your company address, telephone number, website, email and Central Business Register number.
  • Contact person: Always include the name of a contact person who can answer questions about the job. Provide information on how this person should be contacted and the languages in which enquiries can be made.
  • Applications: State other important information about the application process such as how applicants are to contact you, the application deadline, whether the application requires a special form or documentation and how the interviews will be conducted.

Need help writing the job advert?

If you have questions or need help in relation to your job advert, you are always welcome to contact your local Workindenmark centre.