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Recruiting highly skilled employees from abroad

Strengthen your position in the competition for highly skilled candidates – partner with Work-in-Denmark

Workindenmark is a professional public service available to any company that needs help finding highly skilled staff from abroad. Workindenmark is a company that operates under the Danish Ministry of Employment and have offices in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus.

We focus on attracting and recruiting highly skilled candidates from abroad and match more than 6,000 international candidates with Danish companies each year. One of our client companies, Kamstrup, gives us following statement regarding our service.

"Kamstrup has cooperated with Workindenmark for years and Workindenmark is a valuable strategic partner in our quest for international candidates . Workindenmark delivers both great insight in the international candidate market and relevant recruitment channels, as well as many international top candidates, which we have chosen to employ."

Workindenmark offers to:

  • make your vacancies visible to international candidates
  • attract suitable international candidates
  • assist in the recruitment process
  • provide relevant information on international recruitment at

Greater visibility ensures competent candidates

Within the EU, the competition for highly skilled employees is growing. Attracting highly skilled employees to Denmark requires a focused effort. As your collaborative partner, we help make your vacancies visible to international candidates, reaching out to a larger number of qualified candidates.

We do that by:

  • advertising your vacancies at
  • presenting your vacancies at job fairs abroad
  • contacting suitable candidates and drawing their attention to the vacancies at your company
  • presenting you to qualified profiles from our CV bank

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Confederation of Danish Industry's guide regarding international recruitment

Has your company just started considering hiring international candidates? Confederation of Danish Industry’s guide explains you all the steps when hiring inteanational candidates. It is a good read before starting a hiring process.

Need inspiration?

If you need inspiration to attract, receive and retain highly skilled foreign workers, this collection of link might be useful.