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Your CV

Your CV should contain relevant data and information about your professional experience, education and skills.

Your CV should only contain the most relevant information about your professional experience, your education and skills in relation to the specific job you apply for. It is important that your CV is up to date and contains recent information.

A good personal profile counts

A CV is expected to contain a personal profile: a short summary of your professional, personal and social competences (5-6 sentences). Danish employers pay close attention to this. This video helps you compose a personal profile that will give your job application extra impact. 

Structure and simplicity matters

Structure and simplicity is important when you write your CV. Here are two examples of how this can be achieved.

  • A chronological CV: The structure of the chronological CV is based on years and dates. It lists all your professional and education activities in a chronological order. This gives the employer a quick impression of your career. In this type of CV you should list recent activities first, as these will be most interesting to the employer.
  • A skill-based CV: This type of CV focuses more on your skills than your professional experience. The skill-based CV is ideal if you have recently graduated and do not have a lot of work experience. Remember to include all the competences that are relevant for the job – also those that you have gained through your studies, volunteer work or your work with organisations.

It is always a good idea to have someone read through your CV before you send it to an employer. This will help you correct errors and provide you with feedback.


Remember to state your age and gender

It is not always easy for Danish employers to find out your gender and age out of your name or other information in CV. Therefore, it is advisable to state both gender and birthday in your CV.  This is because Danish employers would like to know you as a whole person, not because they use the information for discriminate some candidates because of age and gender.


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