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Find relevant companies you can apply to

You can find relevant companies by reading job adverts, but there are a number of other ways to search for companies.

Maybe you cannot find interesting jobs – or maybe you wish to improve your chances by becoming more active and applying unsolicited? As a newcomer your knowledge may be limited to the large companies, which everyone talks about. It can be difficult to find small and medium-sized companies without knowing their name, but this is where many jobs can be found. Here you get some inspiration on how to locate your future employer, depending on whether you are already in Denmark or whether you are looking for a job from abroad:

Job advertisements:

In many job portals, including workindenmark's jobdatabase, it is possible to search in archives: expired job ads deliver valuable information about companies and positions. Maybe you see jobs with are not a perfect fit for you, but use them too to gain information about the companies operating in your field. Create a list of companies and start following these on LinkedIn and check their websites regularly. You can get an overview of job sites in Denmark by following the link at the bottom of this page.


Use the advanced search engine to find your potential future manager or other people in your field and see where they work, which groups they have joined and which companies they follow.

Company databases:

The larger Danish libraries have subscriptions to company databases. Visit your library and ask for help to make a search in company databases. You will be surprised by the sheer number of small and medium companies that until now were hidden from you.

Trade council / export associations:

Find out whether there are Danish companies with ties to foreign countries where you might be able to provide knowledge or language skills.

Largest companies in Denmark:

Get an overview of the largest enterprises in Denmark on:

The Central Business Register:

If you don’t know a company’s name, search by filters, e.g. region or business type.

Gazelle Companies:

These are companies which have achieved a continuous growth in revenue or gross profit for the last four financial years, and which have, in total, more than doubled the revenue or the gross profit in the period. A list is publicized every year in the business paper Børsen. Google: gazelle + year.

Current job openings in Denmark

Check current vacancies in Workindenmark’s job database. Your dream job might be there.

Supplementary jobsites

There are a few jobsites in Denmark. There might be interesting job openings for you there.

Recruitment Agencies and headhunters

Using recruitment agencies and headhunters might be your way to a job in Denmark.