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Culture and leisure

When it comes to cultural or leisurely activities, Denmark has a series of opportunities to offer. If you want to meet likeminded Danes, joining an association can be a good idea.

When it comes to cultural experiences and leisure, Denmark has a lot to offer. No matter what you are interested in, from sports, music and movies to fine arts, opera or museums – you will find it here.

Denmark is known for its skilful architects, filmmakers and minimalist fashion designers. If you add the fact that Danes are some of the most bicycle-friendly people in the world, you may get a sense of how versatile Danish culture is.

This also goes for the Danish lifestyle. In many ways, it corresponds to the diverse weather in Denmark. While it is hot in the summer and daylight leaves plenty of hours for sunbathing, swimming and picnics - the winters are dark, cold and well suited for traditional Danish ‘hygge’. ‘Hygge’ is a very important term in Denmark, which covers the warm and friendly atmosphere of spending quality time with friends, family or other loved ones.

Clubs and associations

Denmark is sometimes referred to as ‘a nation of associations’. This is due to the fact that almost no matter what kind of hobby you have, or what you like doing in your spare time, you can find a Danish association on the subject.

Almost all Danes are member of some kind of association or club. Becoming and being a member of an association is usually not expensive, as they are mostly run by volunteers. This is important because it means you are able to socialise and practice something you like – with others who feel the same way – without having to pay a great sum of money.

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Network and associations

If you need information on networks and associations in Denmark, this collection of links might be useful.