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The Danish pension system ensures your quality of life once you leave the workforce.

In Denmark, the average pension age is 65, but many people choose to continue to work longer.

You are automatically entitled to a state pension. You will receive the full amount of the state pension if you have lived in Denmark for at least 40 years and a fraction if you have lived in Denmark less than 40 years.

In addition to the state pension, many employees also have a company pension or a collective pension scheme as part of their contract and, in some cases, a private pension scheme too.

The various types of pension schemes in Denmark include:

  • A state pension scheme, which is regulated by law and is a part of the social security system in Denmark.
  • Labour market supplementary pension (ATP Livslang Pension), a statutory pension scheme for all wage and salary earners between 16 and 67 years of age who work at least 9 hours per week.
  • Labour Market pension schemes agreed between the various players in the labour market as a part of a collective agreement in a specific field.
  • Company pension schemes that are agreed upon individually between the employer and employee.
  • Individual pension schemes that individuals set up with their bank or a pension fund independently of their employer.

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Pension schemes in other countries

If you already have a pension scheme in another country, you may choose to continue with this scheme or establish a new pension scheme in Denmark.

Learn more about tax on foreign pension when you live in Denmark on, if you decide to continue with your scheme from your home country.