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Terms of employment

Your terms of employment are in many cases based on collective agreements. If not, then you have to negotiate your own terms.

In Denmark, the terms of employment are in many cases regulated by collective agreements (overenskomster) made by the primary players of the Danish labour market: The trade unions and employer associations.

This being said, a large portion of jobs in Denmark are not included in collective agreements. In these cases, employees have contract freedom and are able to negotiate, form and influence their own terms of employment directly with their employer.

The Danish model

If your position is regulated by a collective agreement you will not have to worry about negotiating general terms of employment such as working hours, minimum salary and terms of notice directly with your employer. These terms are agreed upon, protected and upheld by the assigned players in the labour market.

This way of governing the labour market is called the 'Danish model' because it is one of a kind. In Denmark, the model creates what is called flexicurity – the combination of flexibility and security - for employees all over the country.

Know your rights

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