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Trade unions

A trade union can provide you with employment-related legal support and guidance you may need, - and negotiates on your behalf to secure you the best possible salary level and working conditions.

Your general terms of employment are predominantly regulated by collective agreements concluded by the social partners: the trade unions and employer’ associations.
The trade unions act and negotiate on your behalf to secure you the best possible salary level and working conditions. Being a member of a trade union is very common in Denmark and can provide you with a series of employment- and career-related legal support and services you may need e.g. guidance regarding individual employment contract, salary, industrial accidents and injuries.

Membership and unemployment insurance

The membership of a trade union is not obligated by law. However, if you choose to become a member of a trade union, your choice of trade union depends on your education/position and workplace.

Trade unions are associated with unemployment insurance funds. Having unemployment insurance is generally a good idea. In order to sign up you are not obligated to become a member of a trade union.

Trade union organisations

Find the relevant trade union for your line of Work at one of the 2 main organisations:

AC - Overview of member organisations (in Danish)

LH - Overview of member organisations (in Denish)

Selections of trade unions with English websites

Ida - The Danish Society of Engineers in Denmark

Djøf - Association of academics

Finansforbundet - Financial Services Union Denmark (the Financial and Fintech area)

Dadl - the Danish Medical Association

Pharmadanmark - Association of Professionals in Pharmaceutical Science

3f - The United Federation of Danish Workers

Foa - Trade and Labour