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Dana Arter

Interview with Robotics Engineer, Dana Arter

An American engineer working at a Robot company in Odense

Name: Dana Arter
Nationality: American
Company: Mobile Industrial Robots
Title/Education: Requirement Specification Engineer

Why did you choose Denmark as your career destination?

I immigrated to Denmark with my husband who followed a career in academia here.

How did you find your current job?

I found a job posting for my current position on the website

Was it difficult or easy to land a job in Denmark?

I found it difficult to land a job in Denmark. I was fortunate to find my first job through my network of international friends at SDU. Looking for a job on my own without the help of knowing someone was challenging and I spoke to many hiring managers that said I did not have the right qualifications for positions even though I had a lot of job experience from the U.S. 

What surprised you the most about job search in Denmark?

One of the things that surprised me was how different CVs are, compared to what I previously used in the U.S. For example, I had never put my picture or birthday on my CV before moving to Denmark.

What surprised you the most about Danish workplace culture?

The flat hierarchy in Danish workplaces is different from what I was used to in the U.S. I am still surprised at the fact that there are some departments with more managers than employees. 

What was the main factor that helped you getting a job in Denmark?

My network helped me to get my first job and then the job experience from that first job helped me to get my second one. It was important that I had a record of relevant employment in Denmark for my second employer. 

If you could give one tip to others looking for a job in Denmark, what would that be?

One hears this a lot but it bears repeating because it is really important - build a network. Maybe that means building a network within the international community or in your hobby clubs or with your professional organizations. I would also recommend using LinkedIn to grow your network and connect with people.

How did you create a social network in Denmark?

Initially, I created a social network in Denmark through my active participation in the International Community in Odense and a bouldering (climbing) club.