Authorisation and qualification

In order to work within certain professions in Denmark, the professions that are called ‘regulated professions’, you must meet certain requirements regarding your professional qualifications. Access to each regulated profession is administered by a public authority called the competent authority. The competent authority assesses your professional qualifications and on the basis this assessment the authority decides whether you will be granted permission to pursue your profession in Denmark. This permit is usually called an authorisation.

Most of the professions that are subject to regulation in Denmark are listed on the website of the Danish Agency for Higher Education (Styrelsen for Videregående Uddannelser). Here you can see whether your profession requires authorisation and, if so, what you must do to work within your profession.

Please note that some regulated professions, for example professions within the field of land and air transport and certain maritime professions, are not listed here.

If you are in doubt about whether your profession is regulated, you can consult the competent authority or the Danish Agency for Higher Education.

If you are an EU/EEA national or a national of Switzerland, certain EU rules concerning recognition of your professional qualifications apply. You can find out more about these rules in the guide 'Applications under EU rules'.