Get off to a good start in Denmark – all the service you need in one place

There are many things to do when you arrive in Denmark as a foreign employee or job seeker. The contact with the Danish authorities must therefore be as easy as possible for the foreign employee or job seeker and for Danish companies that employ foreign employees.

All the authorities a foreign employee typically need to contact are represented at International Citizen Service in Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense. So in most cases the foreign employee only need to visit International Citizen Service in order to get the paperwork done and find answers to possible questions.

At International Citizen Service foreign employees or job seekers can apply for and get a registration certificate for EU citizens and non EU citizens can apply for a residence permit and get a tax card.

International Citizen Service offers foreign employees, job seekers and their families:

Help with the paperwork:

  • Residence permit for non-EU citizens
  • Registration certificate for EU citizens
  • Tax card
  • Social security number (CPR)
  • Medical card

Personal guidance on:

  • Job seeking in Denmark
  • Finding a job for your partner
  • Student jobs for international students
  • Danish courses
  • The Danish tax system
  • Registration of foreign vehicles

Useful information about:

  • Living and working conditions in Denmark
  • Authorisation and approval of professional qualifications for regulated professions
  • Danish driver’s license
  • Study and career counselling
  • Accommodation
  • Schooling
  • Day-care for children
  • Network and social activities in your area

Danish companies can also get help and guidance with regard to recruitment and retention of foreign employees.

International Citizen Service is a nationwide service for foreign employees and Danish Companies. Citizens not residing in one of the four host municipalities have to visit their own municipality in order to get a social security number and medical card. International Citizen Service will of course refer to the relevant authority.

The Danish Tax and Customs Administration (SKAT), The Danish Immigration Service, Workindenmark and the municipalities will all be present at International Citizen Service. Furthermore, International Community will be present in Aarhus and in Aalborg the city’s Welcome Centre will participate.

Office ande contact information: International Citizen Service homepage or Workindenmark - Contact