Workindenmark can assist

Workindenmark makes it easier for Danish companies and foreign employees to find each other. Among other things, the Workindenmark centres can assist you with:

  • Finding a job in the Danish Healthcare Services
    Workindenmark can assist in matching your professional qualifications with the right job in the Danish Healthcare Services.
  • Getting your papers in order
    When you are to establish a working life in Denmark, Workindenmark will help you find the way to the relevant authorities. Workindenmark also guides you on the rules and procedures in connection with authorisation, application for work and residence permit, EU registration certificate, tax, ID number, Danish language tuition and more. You can often get advice in your native language.
  • Getting your family off to a good start in Denmark
    To ensure that both you and your spouse settle well in Denmark, Workindenmark holds network meetings and informs about housing conditions, schools, child-care, etc.
  • Finding a job for your spouse
    Workindenmark can assist your spouse in looking for jobs as well as advise you both on a continued career in Denmark if you are also facing a change of job.

If you would like more information or material about Workindenmarks’s services, you can call us on telephone +45 72 22 33 90 or send an e-mail to