What must be included in the contract?

In general, foreign workers in Denmark are covered by the same rules and agreements that apply to Danish employees. The contract may also include clauses relating to competition and customers.

The employment contract must at least contain information on the following:

1. Employer's and employee's name and address.

2. The location of the workplace or, if there is no fixed workplace, where the work is primarily performed/information that the employee is to work in various locations, and the employer's main office or address.

3. Job description or employee's job title, rank or job category.

4. Employment commencement date.

5. Expected duration of employment, if not permanent employment.

6. The employee's rights regarding holidays, including whether salary will be paid while the employee is on holiday.

7. Employee's and employer's terms of notice.

8. The applicable or agreed salary to which the employee is entitled upon commencement of employment and allowances or other forms of remuneration that are not included herein, e.g. pension contributions, lodging and meals. The frequency of salary payments must also be included in the contract.

9. The standard daily or weekly working hours.

10. Information on which collective agreements or other agreements regulate the employment and working conditions. If the collective agreements or agreements in question were entered into by parties outside of the company, these parties must be identified in the contract.

Terms of notice
The employee's and employer's terms of notice must also be included in the employment contract.

If the employee is covered by a collective agreement, the terms of notice are typically stipulated by this agreement.

If you are a salaried employee, you must provide notice of termination one month in advance. The following rules apply to your employer:

  • Up to six months' employment - one months' notice is required
  • After six months' employment up to 3 years' employment - three months' notice is required
  • After three years' employment, four months' notice is required. The term of notice is extended by one month for every three years of employment up to a maximum of six months.