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1st organist at Herning Kirke


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NB: This listing is an English version of the listing JobID 5093040

The position as 1st organist at Herning Kirke (Denmark) is available from the 1st of June 2020.
The position is full-time (37 hours/week). 

Herning Kirke / Herning Church is the church at the city’s main square and the ambition is to be that in more than a mere geographical sense. The church’s music scene is one of the things making it a centre of attention in town and Herning Church has over the past decades developed a rich ecclesiastical music scene. As part of a generational change and an expansion of the musician staff at the church - we now seek the organist, who can coordinate the organist staff’s efforts so that they collectively further develop the music scene at the church and handle the many musical tasks at the church efficiently.


Herning Church has many different collaborative interfaces in the musical area and has in recent years been highly profiled within as well as outside the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (Danish National Church) – among other things it was one of the turning points in the 2019 “Himmelske Dage” (Danish Church Festival) and has repeatedly been part of regional and national TV-programs. At the same time the church is responsible for the ecclesiastical activities in many different sites, ranging from service in the church itself, via the city’s remand prison and to several nursing homes linked to the parish. The musical service in the hospital church under construction in the future hospital site in Gødstrup in the outskirts of Herning will also be handled by the organists at Herning Church.


The musical profile in the parish is based on and rooted in the classical liturgical tradition with an openness toward and experience with new hymns and rhythmical elements in religious music.

The Herning Boys’ Choir is pivotal in the music scene at the church. The position involves a partial responsibility for accompanying the choir and will thereby involve a close collaboration with the choir’s conductor.

A more detailed description in Danish of the musical scene at Herning Church can be found here and on

Your tasks as 1st organist

  • Musical accompanying of services and ecclesiastical life events in the parish as well as in nursing homes, chapel, remand prison and the hospital church in the new hospital in Gødstrup (under construction) on organ as well as piano.

  • Accompanying Herning Boys’ Choir at rehearsals, services, concerts, on tour etc. (the obligation is shared with the 2ndorganist)

  • Coordinating the organist staff and securing the development of the music scene at Herning Church as a whole

  • Arranging, coordinating and executing church concerts

  • Occasionally accompanying MidtVest Børnekor and MidtVest Pigekor

Herning Church is looking for

  • An ambitious organist, who plays the organ on a high, artistic level and with a sense for music’s role in service and for the church’s role and possibilities in society.

  • An organist, who can further develop the musical profile of Herning Church in a way, that is based on the church’s classical, liturgical tradition and yet is open to renewal in genre and form.

  • An organist who wants to be principally responsible for the planning, preparation and execution of the musical part of services and concerts in Herning Church.

  • An employee, who in a coordinating role wishes to be part of a close collaboration with the other organists at the church and of a good working relationship with the church’s other employees (the church’s staff policy is available here)

  • An organist, who is able to communicate clearly and wants to be an ambassador for the music scene at the church

  • An organist, who is interested in creating great music together with the Herning Boys’ Choir

  • An organist who possibly is able to or is interested in learning to play the church’s large carillon.

We expect you to

  • have musical training on conservatory level

  • know the liturgical and musical tradition of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (Danish National Church)

  • be good at creating and working in teams

  • be able to work together with different person types, tempers and cultures

  • consider changing work-hours as a natural part of the job

The Instruments in Herning Church

  • The main organ was build by Marcussen in 1949 / latest restoration in 2015, 33 stops with 3 manuals and pedalboard

  • moveable choir organ build by Henk Klop in 2000 with 6 stops

  • choir organ in the sancristy, 4 stops

  • Bösendorfer piano build in 2015

  • Paccard carillon with 48 bells

About the Herning parish

Herning parish is a growing parish with 8500 people living in it (of whom 7000 are church members) and Herning Church is the center of a committed and broadspectered congregational, service and concert community. The church has 2 full-time and 2 part-time pastors, a parish assistant, a verger as well as his assistants. Moving forward, the church music will be handled by 3 full-time church musician positions. Furthermore are there 2 sacristans, who are shared with the other parishes in town.

More about the church, among other things vision and focus points, can be found on the church’s homepage: 

Additional information and application

Additional information about the position can be obtained by contacting parochial council member Tobias Ramm Eberlein,, tel. +45 26253274, organist and current conductor of the Herning Boys Choir Mads Bille,, tel +45 29929718, the parochial councils contact person Arne Laugesen, tel +45 23232978 or the church’s pastors.

Application and relevant appendices are send to Herning Sogns Menighedsråd, Østre Kirkevej 1, DK-7400 Herning or by email to in a letter labelled organist HKD and have to be sent to reach the church no later than 27th of January 2020 at noon.

Interviews, conducting- and organ playing tryouts are expected to take place in week 9 of 2020. 

Terms of employment

Employer will be the Herning Sogns Menighedsråd, Østre Kirkevej 1, 7400 Herning.

Terms of employment vary according to educational level. 

Organists currently employed as Danish civil servants are entitled to keep their civil servant status when transferring directly between positions. This position would have to be classified in that case. 

The employment of formally trained organists will be covered by the collective bargaining agreement for organists between the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, C10 - Centralorganisationen af 2010 and Dansk Organist og Kantor Samfund (DOKS). The agreement can be found on 

The annual salary for applicants with “Eksamen i orgel- og korledelse” (formerly “Præliminær Organistuddannelse”) or equivalent is agreed upon the based on basic pay rate system defined in the collective agreement. Step 1 is DKK 301.113,39 yearly and step 2 is DKK 316.368,23 yearly. The step is decided on the basis of seniority. The availability allowance is DKK 23.411,75  for service at 1 church. The total annual pay is respectively: DKK 324.525 and DKK 339.779,98

The annual salary for applicants with “kirkemusikalsk kandidateksamen” (DOKS), (the Danish masters degree in church music) or equivalent is agreed upon based on the new pay/AC scale, meaning a yearly gross pay between DKK 312.054,56 – DKK380.245,11. The position entitles to a availability allowance. The yearly availability allowance is between DKK 40.150,06 – DKK62.358,40. Pay grade and availability allowance is decided on the basis of seniority. The total annual pay is between DKK352.204,62 and DKK 442.603,51.

All payment levels stated are the 1.10.2019-level for a full-time position. Pay as well as availability allowance will be provided in the same quota as the fraction of employment.

The parochial council informs, that there is a 3 month probation period and that references including criminal records relevant to working with children will be requested as part of the employment process.

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  • Work area: Herning
  • Working hours: Full time (37 hours)
  • Job type: Regular position