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Sustainable Energy in Denmark

Find out where and how to find a job in the booming Danish energy sector

Denmark has always been a pioneer in clean energy and an expert in using nature’s power as energy for people.

Denmark is surrounded by water and as the country is one of the countries in the world with the lowest average elevation (34 meters), it gives for some windy days along the 8.500 km. long coastlines.

Therefore, of course, energy - in the form of water, wind or solar - is one of our most important export items. The Danish export of energy technology- and services amounted to a total of 106,7 billion DKK (14,2 billion euros) in 2020, where the Netherlands, Germany and USA were the biggest importers of Danish energy technology and 52,2 % was exported to other EU countries.

The energy sector creates many different job opportunities. In all parts of the sector, there is a great need for qualified workers – Engineers, IT professionals, Electricians, Plant Operators, Welders, metal workers, and many more.

The videos on this page are produced by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and you can read a lot more about sustainability in Denmark on their website.

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Where and how to search for a job:

Please have a look at our job portal, where you will find all jobs connected to the energy sector (new tab).

When searching the job portal, it is a good idea to search for specific job titles or competencies, to make the search as specific as possible.

We would recommend that you create a CV in the EURES-CV-database as well 
This will make it easier for us to find and contact you, if a new job gets listed that would be perfect for you. Furthermore, the Danish companies also have access to the CV portal and can hereby find your CV directly, if you have created one.

Go to our guide on how to create your EURES-CV

To write the perfect CV and cover letter for a Danish company, we have created an e-learning course about job search in Denmark. The course consists of four modules where you will get insight, knowledge and tips on finding a job in Denmark.

You can access the e-learning course here

Have a look at this video about the sustainable energy sector’s origin in Denmark

You can read a lot more about the green, Danish vision on the State of Green’s website 

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What to know before relocating to Denmark?

At, you can find information regarding your big move to Denmark. How does healthcare work in Denmark, is it easy to find childcare, how is the school system in Denmark and how do I buy or rent a house? Lifeindenmark will help you.

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TMS – Targeted Mobility Scheme – Apply for financial support when looking for a job in Denmark

Targeted Mobility Scheme is an EU initiative for job seekers and employers from the EU, Norway and Iceland.

TMS may offer financial support concerning travel costs if you get a job interview in Denmark. If hired, it is also possible to apply for funding of relocation for you and your family, just as Jan from MiR did.

Read his story here.

To find out if you are eligible for financial aid in regards to your job search in Denmark, have a look at our information page.

Look at our information page here

Reach out and good luck

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. Find our contact information in the link below. You can also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn, where we share tips for job search and info on Denmark.

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Good luck job hunting! Or as we say in Denmark “god vind!” (good wind)*.


*God vind means good luck in Danish and is usually used as a way of wishing good fortune on parting. The expression comes from the days of the sail boats taking the Danes far and wide.