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Web Accessibility Statement

Are you experiencing non-compliant content at

You may notify the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment/Workindenmark, if you find lacking compliance with accessibility requirements, as stated in the Web Accessibility Act. It is also possible for you  to request information in respect of  that the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment/Workindenmark may be exempt from compliance pursuant to §1, section 5 (exempted contents), and § 3, section 2 (disproportionate burden).

You can contact The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment, if you experience non-compliant content at

You should not include confidential or sensitive personal information, such as CPR number or information on health/medical issues, when contacting the public sector agency.

Compliance Status

A public agency must state to what extent its websites comply with the requirements of web accessibility, as stipulated in the harmonised standard EN 301 549. The compliance status can be:

  1. The website fully complies with the standard
  2. The website partially complies with the standard (complies with most of the demands)
  3. The website does not comply with the standard (it does not comply with most of the demands)

The agency informs that: The website partially complies with the standard (complies with most of the demands)

Apart from the above, a public agency must also describe how it has evaluated the compliance of the website. The categories are as follows:

  1. Self-evaluation conducted by the agency in question
  2. Evaluation was conducted by an external party
  3. An alternative method has been applied

The agency informs that: Evaluation conducted as self-evaluation.

The agency describes the evaluation method as being: We have used QualWeb to evaluate the website.

Evaluation reports

It is possible for the public agency to refer to evaluation reports

The agency informs: No reference to evaluation reports

Non-compliant content

The public agency has categorised the non-accessible content at this website. Under each category, there may be a number of issues, shown with headings and an explanatory text. An example of such an issue can, as an example, be missing alternative texts.

Non-compliant content is divided into three categories, in respect of function or content:

  1. Not complying with the Web Accessibility Act
  2. Not complying with the Web Accessibility Act and falling under the exception of a disproportionately large burden, e.g. a report or guide that is very extensive and with a small readership.
  3. Not covered by the Web Accessibility Act, i.e. subtitles on livestreams

Known non-compliance with the Web Accessibility Act  

Omitted identification of other language, when words other than in English are used

The website contains non-English words, with English being the standard language of the website. This happens when presenting Danish names for important documents, and institutions related to the target groups moving to or living in Denmark, such as ‘borgerservice’ and ‘sundhedskort’. Our website does not contain the feature, to specifically, mark language for non-English words, including publications containing non-English words. We are working on language marking for non-English words in pdf-files during 2022, whilst there are no technical solutions for page content on the website. Users facing difficulties with understanding the content are invite to phone Work in Denmark for explanations of such content.

Omitted accessibility of the pdf guide “Welcome to Denmark”

The guide has not been made accessible, and cannot be read by a screen reader. The guide will become accessible for screen readers during Q4 of 2022.

Bullet points not marked correctly

Bullets on content pages are not marked correctly, causing the bullets to be read as ordinary text. This error will be corrected during Q4 of 2022.

Colour contrast on landing page

The text “Find your new job in Denmark” is difficult to read for some devices, due to a lack of colour contrast between the text and the background. This error will be corrected Q4 of 2022.

Disproportionately large burden

The E-learning modules on job search in Denmark are non-compliant with the demands of textual descriptions, header structures, operation without sensory properties, alt-texts, and colour contrasts in the pictures containing text.

Our E-learning programme is using a third-party programme, Articulate Rise 360. The E-learning modules were produced in Articulate Rise 360, and exported for use on the website. The programme does not support the demands of the Accessibility Directive. To solve this issue would require the re-building of the e-learning modules on the CMS system in use. This would cause a disproportionately large financial and resource cost, without achieving a proportional degree of usability, and would lose the variation of functions offered by Articulate Rise 360. Articulate are currently working on meeting some of the demands currently not complied with, as well as the introduction of new functions. These changes will come into effect, on an ongoing basis, as they are released.

Not covered by the Web Accessibility Act

Lack of visual interpretation of videos

Video material published before the 23rd of September 2020 does not have visual interpretation, since the requirement regarding visual interpretation only applies to videos published after that date.

Initiatives to improve web accessibility

It is possible for the public agency to describe what it is undertaking, in order to achieve a higher degree of web accessibility on the website.

The agency informs:

Work in Denmark uses Siteimprove and QualWeb, in order to continuously improve accessibility. We are concentrating on correcting the few technical errors, identified during 2022, and making the pdf files accessible.

Contacting the Danish Agency for Digitalisation

The Danish Agency for Digitalisation supervises compliance with the Web Accessibility Act.

Before contacting the Danish Agency for Digitalisation, you must contact the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment / Work in Denmark to solve the web accessibility problems. This is done via the contact details, as stated at the beginning of this accessibility statement.

If the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment / Work in Denmark responsible is unresponsive to your inquiry, you may send an inquiry via the inquiry form
 The Danish Agency for Digitisation's inquiry form (new window, only in Danish) or leave a voice message at telephone +45 2016 3612

The Danish Agency for Digitalisation use these inquiries as input for their monitoring of the compliance with the Web Accessibility Act. You should not expect to receive a reply, unless the Digitalisation Agency needs further information from you.  

This statement first published on the 10th of September 2020

Latest revision: 6th of July 2023