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Getting Started

The Danish job market is dynamic and new job openings may arise frequently

Did you already move to Denmark or are you thinking about it? Then it is time to prepare for your adventure and start looking for a job.

The first thing you need to do is figure out where to find vacant positions. For this purpose check out our page “Finding vacancies in Denmark”. Next you want to make yourself visible to recruiters and possibly expand your network. Both topics you can read more about on our page “Become visible to recruiters”. Once you have found some vacant positions to your liking the best thing you can do to land a job is to target your application specifically to the company and job opening every single time. Let them know how you can help them, and why you are their best option.

Show the employer what you can accomplish, by researching the company thoroughly and pointing out the match between you and the job! Keep your reader in mind and provide the information he or she needs to know.

Is Danish a requirement?

No! When a job is advertised in English, it is usually an indication that you will be able to cope with English in the workplace. But it is an advantage if you are willing to learn Danish. Some jobs will however require a good command of Danish. Generally speaking the more client/person contact you have in your job, the better your Danish needs to be. Knowledge of and fluency in other languages may be considered an extra plus.

Did you know that the Danish state provides Danish lessons for newcomers? Danish language training (new tab)