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Unemployment Benefit from Home Country

EU/EAA citizens can export their unemployment benefit to other European Countries for 3-6 months, including Denmark

Registration when you arrive with unemployment benefits from home country - PDU2

You need to register as a jobseeker within 7 days from the date stated on the front page of the PDU2 form you have received from either the employment services or the unemployment insurance fund in the country you left.

The registration takes place in the municipality of residence, at either the job centre or the local citizen service. In some cases, the municipalities have cooperation agreements with an International Citizen Service (ICS municipality), which can register the jobseeker on behalf of the municipality of residence.

To comply with the Danish control measures you need to create a CV on Jobnet and continuously keep the CV active while unemployed.

To find out where you need to register please contact your local municipality or one of the four International Citizen Services ICS:

International Citizen Service