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Unsolicited Application

Many jobseekers have succeeded in finding a job in Denmark by applying unsolicited

Many job openings are never advertised in Denmark. It is common to approach a Danish employer you would like to work for by applying unsolicited. Most employers appreciate the interest and are willing to consider your application and skills if they are relevant, even though they do not have job openings. When doing so, it is a great idea to also call ahead first.

Applying unsolicited includes network, phone calls, persistence and a lot of research. It might be your way to finding your dream job.


We have gathered our best tips if you are considering applying unsolicited:

  1. What’s in it for the company” - you have to convince the company that they need you. Why should they spend time listening to you? Give them a good reason, and explain how your skills and proposal will benefit the company. Perhaps the company is planning to start exporting to your home country? In that case, you can offer knowledge not only of the language and culture, but you also know how to communicate with the local authorities. If the company can see what they will gain, they are very likely to invite you for a coffee meeting which means you have a chance of pitching your idea.

  2. Research, research, research! You need to find out which job you could perform for the company in order for you to give them an offer they cannot refuse. Read about the company in their newsletter and SoMe updates, read their articles in newspapers and magazines. Make sure to carefully read the full website, and if they have a product that is available to buy, visit the shop to see how the product is presented.

  3. Read old vacancies, this will not only give you an idea of which jobs have been available, but you might also find contact details for your future manager. You can find old vacancies at the jobindex advert archive by clicking here (new tab).

  4. Find out who is the correct person to contact. Follow the company on LinkedIn and contact anyone you know who works there – they might have some information for you both about the company and perhaps they know who you should contact with your unsolicited application.

It is most common to call the company and follow up with an email. But, sometimes it can be difficult to get a hold of the right person. In that case, you could try to send an e-mail first. Just remember that you have to be active and follow up by a phone call.

Make Phone Calls to Your Future Employers

Enhance your chances of getting a job by calling your future employer before sending an application.

Many non-Danish jobseekers are surprised by the fact that it is common to make a call to a potential future employer before sending an application even if it is an unsolicited application. This video explains how to prepare for the calls.