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Job Search Video Tutorials

Watch these four videos to enhance your chances of getting a job in Denmark

Learn how to fully prepare for job search in Denmark, when you have found an interesting job or a company you wish to approach. The videos explain the job search processes that non-Danish jobseekers often find difficult or unfamiliar.

To call or not to call?

Many non-Danish jobseekers are surprised by the fact that it is common to make a call to their potential future employers before sending an application. This video guides you on how to prepare for the calls, which can be nerve-wracking for many.

How to write a personal profile

A CV is expected to contain a personal profile: a short summary of your professional and personal competences (5-6 sentences) targeted to a specific job. Danish employers pay close attention to this. This video helps you compose a personal profile that gives your job application extra impact.

Writing your cover letter

A cover letter, or motivation letter, is as important as a CV in Denmark when you apply for a job. It is important to write a cover letter specifically tailored for the position you apply for. This video guides you on how to write a good cover letter that grabs the attention of Danish employers.

Can I send an unsolicited application?

Many job openings are not advertised in Denmark. Therefore, you can improve your chances of finding a job by sending unsolicited applications to companies which you would particularly like to work for. This video gives you tips on how to apply unsolicited in Denmark.