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Expand your Network

Improve your chances of getting a job by expanding your network. Get our best tips here

Networking is an important tool in your job search. Many jobs are not advertised, so it is important that you start talking to persons who may be able to help you identify key persons or companies, which could be interesting for you to contact.


LinkedIn is one of the main sources for connecting with employers, networking groups, organisations etc. LinkedIn is also widely used for job search in Denmark: Besides the traditional way of publishing job ads, almost 60% of Danish companies use LinkedIn to find their next employee. Therefore, it is essential for you to join the game and get active on LinkedIn too.

First of all think of your audience and make sure that your profile is updated, complete and clear (do not underestimate the value of a good picture!). When you are ready, start extending your Danish network. Connect with the people you meet and the number of 2nd and 3d connections will be growing fast.

Use the advanced search engine to identify your next manager or colleagues, join relevant groups and follow interesting companies. After thorough research and preparation, start reaching out to new contacts and get more information on how to successfully find a job in your field.

Try our e-learning module: "Using LinkedIn in your Job Search and Professionel Network"

Job fairs in Denmark and Abroad

Workindenmark attends various job fairs in Europe, and you may be able to meet a representative at our Workindenmark stand in your country or online. We will post on social media, when we are going to participate in a new job fair.

You may also attend career fairs where you can meet a large number of companies. The events may be found on Workindenmark’s Facebook page, university career sites and company updates on LinkedIn.

Stay updated on job fairs 

If Already in Denmark

If you are already in Denmark and you find someone interesting, e.g. on LinkedIn, whom you have something in common with like a shared educational background, same nationality or a similar job position as you are looking for, it can be a good idea to approach him or her for good advice.

In Denmark, coffee meetings are widely used, and if you can explain your common point of departure to this person, he or she might invite you for a coffee meeting, where you can meet each other and discuss professional matters.

This person might then offer you suggestions as to whom to contact or which company to approach. He or she may also offer to be your “eyes and ears” and recommend you to business associates.
A coffee meeting serves as inspiration to your job search. Do not expect this person to give you a job.