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Become Visible to International Candidates

If you place a job ad at our job portal, you will reach thousands of international candidates looking for a job in Denmark. If you also place it at the EURES job portal you will expand the search pool even further

If you would like your vacancies to gain international exposure at Workindenmark and the EURES job portal, then you can achieve this in a number of ways:

Integrated Solution with Your HR System Provider

If your business has signed up with a HR System provider, then your supplier is able to make a, free of charge, connection agreement with The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment. By signing up, your system provider will gain access to the JobannonceService. With this access, your supplier will be able to make it possible for you to opt for your vacancies to be placed at Workindenmark and the EURES portal. This means that you when you create your adverts, in your own system, you can chose to automatically have these exposed at both Workindenmark and EURES.

You can direct your HR systems provider to read more about the JobannonceService, and on how to sign up for the free connection agreement at The Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment's homepage. About JobannonceService(in Danish)

Individual Job Posting via JobAG

Your business can, free of charge, place individual job adverts directly via When you enter your vacancy there, it is automatically posted at the EURES job portal unless you deselect it under "Advertising"

If you also wish for the vacancy to be shown at the Workindenmark portal, you must additionally opt for Workindenmark. Your job advert will go through's approval process and be published within 24 hours at and the EURES job portal.

Follow steps below:

  1. Go to (new tab).
  2. Register your company as a company user by clicking "Log ind med MitID Erhverv (Log in with MitID)", if your company does not have an account on Jobnet yet. You need a MitID Erhverv employee certificate for your company to create an account on Jobnet. Get more information on MitID Erhverv employee certificate (new tab)
  3. Log on with your MitID Erhverv employee certificate.
  4. Click "Jobannoncer (Job adverts)" on the pale grey menu bar or click the link "Oprette dine jobannoncer (Post a job advert)" in the text located in the middle of the page.
  5. Click "Opret ny jobannonce (Post a new job advert)"-button.
  6. Select "Ja (Yes)" to the first question on the page: "Skal jobbet også slås op på (Should this job advert also be posted at"
  7. Fill out all the mandatory fields
  8. Post your job advert by clicking "Send til godkendelse (Get your job advert approved)"

Here are a few important things you should be aware of regarding language, when you place your ad via

  • Job adverts should, in general, be written in English.
  • However, sometimes you may consider ending your advert with a summary in another relevant language, if you like to reach candidates possessing proficiency in a specific language (e.g. Polish).
  • Job adverts searching for candidates with proficiency in at least one of the Scandinavian languages can be written in Danish or another Scandinavian language.
  • Job adverts searching for candidates with proficiency in German can be written in German.
  • Adverts written in Scandinavian or German should be be accompanied by a summary and a job description/headline in English in order to accommodate foreign applicants without the proficiency in Scandinavian languages/German.
  • Summaries should contain a job description and information about the working conditions. In an English summary, the job title must also be translated into English.
  • There are no language requirements for the advertisement at the EURES job portal, but we recommend writing it in English. 

Website Crawling Service

Your website can be crawled for English language job adverts; this is due to Workindenmark having a crawling service for English language job adverts from Danish websites. When your vacancy is crawled to Workindenmark, a short section of the position will be displayed and a link will lead directly to the job advert at your own website. We are only able to crawl positions where the workplace is located within Denmark.  

In order for this to work, your HR portal part of your website must not have crawling blocked. Please note that crawled job adverts will NOT be exported to the EURES portal. This means that crawling is not a valid solution if you wish to use the Supplementary Pay Limit Scheme. Furthermore crawled vacancies are ranked lower than vacancies imported via jobAG and hence are shown last in search results. 

If you experience that your HR portal is not crawled, please feel free to contact us, and we can have a look into why that might be.

If you have any questions to any of the above solutions, please feel free to contact us