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Search for International Candidates

Create an employer account to use the EURES job portal and gain access to more than 900,000 CVs

You will be able to search for CVs matching your requirements and have the opportunity to save and sort out candidates in order to simplify the recruitment process. The EURES portal also enables you to send inquiries to jobseekers. As an employer, you can receive CVs that match your requirements directly in your inbox. This gives you access to candidates from all over the world. The portal is free to use.

You can easily create your company profile on the EURES portal by following these simple steps:

  • Register as an employer. Register via this link to the EURES job portal (new tab)
  • Create a personal user profile (remember to use your work email)
  • Create or attach the company with the user profile
  • You are now ready to search for candidates

Our Tips and Tricks When Using the EURES Portal to Search for Candidates  

Enter keywords in the "All fields", if necessary, by using multiple criteria. You can use buzzwords such as C++, ASP, .Net, Microsoft SQL if, for instance, you are searching for IT candidates with special skills in those fields.

Under "Occupations", you can click on job titles that match your criteria. Type and search for the job title that best matches the position you are offering. You may add several job titles. If you have trouble finding the occupation, please consult the full classification used for occupations and skills called ESCO.

Go to ESCO classification list (New tab)

In the "Skills" box, you can type and search for the skills that potential candidates should have. If you are having trouble finding the skills, you can read the full classification used for business and skills - again by clicking ESCO.

In the left column, you can refine your search profile. In this context, "location" determines the preferences of the candidate in relation to countries he wishes to seek.

If you want to expand your search box, avoid ticking the box location, as these criteria can limit the field so that candidates who have not yet decided which countries they particularly want to work in will not appear. - And you might exclude those who do not know about Denmark. – You may want to try ticking the box one or more of the surrounding countries instead.

The portal does not allow you to search by nationality. If necessary, search the language skills field instead.

Click English under "CV Language" to make sure that it is candidates applying internationally.

Here you can also see a video guide on how to use EURES-CV Portal: Tutorial video: Find candidates (new tab)

If you have further questions or need help finding candidates for particular difficult positions, you are welcome to contact us.