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Engineering in Denmark

An overview of the engineering sector in Denmark.
Look into Green Energy, big building projects and the Robotics industry

In Denmark, there is a high demand for highly qualified engineers to help keep developing the strong sector with proud traditions in Denmark. It is normal that these work places are very international, and therefore English will often be the spoken language.

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Green Energy

Denmark is aiming to be powered 100 % by green energy by the year 2050, and is already getting 30 % of all used energy from renewable sources.

The foundation for this green adventure was made back in the 70’s during the oil crisis. Now we are still looking for new, innovative solutions for making Denmark even greener. For this to succeed, Danish companies within this sector are always on the lookout for highly qualified employees. So if you are into green energy, then take a look at the following video and search through our job database.

Big building projects

Denmark has a proud tradition of great building projects. We are a land of islands, separated by seas, and therefore we have always had a need to improve our infrastructure to remain a united country and to keep our alliances across borders.

For instance, The Øresund Bridge is a combined road and rail bridge between Denmark and Sweden. It is the longest of its kind in Europe, running around 8 km. (5 miles), and The Big Belt Bridge, combining the Danish islands of Funen and Zealand is 18  km (11 miles).

Now, a new project is taking shape in Denmark. The Fehmarn project will connect the island of Lolland in Denmark with Fehmarn in Germany.

It will consist of an 18 km tunnel with a combined motorway and railway, and it will be the longest of its kind in the world when it is finished in 2029.


In Odense in central Denmark, a strong cluster for robotics, drones and automation has emerged. Here, international companies help each other grow stronger and better.
The industry has grown significantly in recent years, and is now home to global market leaders, strong, new start-ups, and some of the best research in the world.

In Denmark, there are more than 300 robotics, drones and automation companies - employing around 8.500 people.

Through Expat eyes

Many expats have taken the leap before you. We have talked to some of them about their experiences of living and working in Denmark. For example Christina Ferreira and Pedro Santos who came to Denmark to work as Engineers at the Dania Foundry.

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