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The Life Science Sector in Denmark

Find out more about the booming Life Science sector in Denmark and look through interesting companies and vacancies

Denmark is at the forefront of Life Science in Europe because of our very open Danish clinical trial ecosystem, which makes it swift and easy to complete clinical trials with human participants. This is possible through a combination of a highly developed network and a strong public-private collaboration between the Danish regions, hospitals and companies.

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We have more than 700 Life Science companies in Denmark and more than 400 of these are startups.

Here, you can watch an interview with Jes Andersen from Copenhagen Science City in this video. He tells you all about how to find a job in a Life Science startup company.


It is normal that these work places are very international, and therefore English will often be the spoken language.

Please, watch this inspiring video with Australian expat Alistair, working in pharmaceutical development.


In Denmark, the Life Science industry accounts for more than 50.000 jobs and approximately 22% of the Danish product export. Furthermore, the Danish Government has just released a new, ambitious strategy for the Life Science area, making it paramount to gather the best people from around the world in Denmark.

The Life Science strategy consists of 38 concrete initiatives across the 7 following areas:

  1. Improving the framework for R&D
  2. Improving the use of health data
  3. Denmark as a showcase for life science 
  4. Educational skills development
  5. Focus on internationalization and cooperation between authorities
  6. Enhance sustainable growth
  7. Strengthen knowledge-sharing and partnerships

You can read a report from May 2022 about Life Science in Eastern Denmark here (PDF)

In Denmark, there are many different life science clusters and associations. It might be a good idea to check these out as well, as they can provide you with more information on the Danish Life Science industry. 
Have a look at these links:

Copenhagen Science CityMedicon ValleyDanish Life Science ClusterThe Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical IndustryHealthcare Denmark

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We have more than 700 Life Science companies in Denmark, and here you can read about a few of them and have a look at their career sites

Life Science Fyn

Read more about the Life Science Cluster on Funen below

Life Science Fyn