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Nicholas Samson

Naval Architect at Knud E. Hansen

Name: Nicholas Samson
Age: 27
Nationality: Australian
Company: Knud E. Hansen
Title/education: Naval Architect

I ended up in Denmark because

I was to come here for 3 months training as an introduction to my new job, and as a result of COVID my time here has extended.

What surprises me most about working in Denmark is

The flat and flexible work culture which allows your working hours to fit your lifestyle.

My Danish colleagues are

Very welcoming and hospitable.

Life in Denmark is

Very social, on a day to day basis you share a lot of amenities and spaces which in Australia would generally be your own, whether it is your mode of transport, apartment laundry space or even the backyard. That being said it is also very peaceful.

I would recommend anybody moving to Denmark to

Prepare for a steep learning curve both in language and culture. Danes will generally let you know if you are doing something out of the ordinary whether you agree or not.