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A New Way of Working - And More Time to Play

For Fabrizio, a more focused and targeted work culture in Denmark has meant more time to do the things he never had time for in Italy (like travelling and sports)

Fabrizio Moroni (Italy)

Before: Project Manager, Deloitte, Milan, Italy
Now: System Integration Specialist, Kamstrup, Skanderborg, Denmark

When Fabrizio quit his job with consulting giant Deloitte in Milan in late 2015, he knew he was taking a big leap of faith.

"My girlfriend had landed a job at LEGO and we wanted to experience life abroad, learn a new culture, and to try and do something new together," he says. "And so we just decided to do it. I didn’t have a job at the time, but we wanted to try it. We were committed."

When Fabrizio finally took that leap of faith and moved to Denmark in early 2016 he soon discovered it wasn’t just the food or language that made for big cultural differences. "In Italy I had long work days – often until late in the evening or even all night. The culture here is quite different. Now I go home in the afternoon and even though the days seem shorter, I still get more done than I did in my previous jobs," he says.

Fabrizio, who had jobs at various IT consulting houses like Capgemini and Accenture in Italy, established contact with Kamstrup, a rapidly growing company specialising in high-tech water and energy metering systems, a couple months after arriving. He met Kamstrup through Workindenmark’s job database and, he says, after the first interview the process went very quickly.

"I have been really surprised by the fact that things are more relaxed compared to what I am used to, but still very productive," he says. "Here I work less, but more focused. That is a big difference in work culture. And it has given me more free time, too."